About Us

"The beautiful essence of a woman from the curve of her smile, to the curves of her hips; Gentle yet fierce. For the women who are learning to love what they see in the mirror and for the men who are there to remind them of their magic."

Isn't it crazy how ideas can manifest? This thing started with me years ago, doodling on a sticky note while working the front desk. I'm no artist but I consider myself a creative person. This little struggle sketch was something that I just could not shake. At first I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with my business but I knew this would be the image for my brand.

I started off with ideas of something geared towards curvy women but I later decided that I wanted the message to touch ALL women and even the men in their lives. Yes, the men too because sometimes our companions can be our biggest motivators. So I hopped on the internet and did my research from Google to YouTube and encouraging business groups on Facebook, decided on the direction I wanted to go, used the knowledge I gained from my previous position, and hit the ground running.

This whole thing is about love. Starting with loving God, then with self, and in turn, pouring over to overs. Love can be a beautiful light in this dark world we live in so why not create a brand that continues to spark the light in you? Love God, love YOU, love others, and thanks for loving FLUFF❤☁️