Taking Care of You

Let's face it, we spend most of our time focused on others and we rarely give our selves the recognition and care that we deserve. That stops NOW. Self love and self care go hand in hand. So let's have a quick chat about this, shall we?

Okay our days are busy. We aren't all necessarily rolling around in the dollars either so I get it, self care may initially seem expensive. The thing is, It doesn't have to be. You can purposefully choose to do things, SIMPLE things, for your own sanity and fulfillment without spending money at all. Be intentional about focusing on you.

Here are 5 ways to take care of YOU:

1. Unplug - Take time away from your technology. Dedicate a time of the day where you turn your phone on do not disturb or dare I say it, turn it off COMPLETELY. Power off your computer, just ditch your devices for a moment. Give yourself time to be present in that moment, distraction free. I'm sure you're eyes will thank you for it too.
2. Pray/Meditate - Shut out the world and breathe. I find that having a good conversation with God can be relieving. Thank God for everything He's done. Speak outloud about what may be troubling you. You can even write it all down too. There is a feeling of tremendous comfort that comes when you finish speaking with Him.
3. Take a long hot bath - Sounds simple enough right? Light some candles, turn on your favorite soft music, run some nice warm water, get in and enjoy. Turn into a raisin if you want, close your eyes and let your body relax with no interruptions and no time limit.
4. Move around - take 30 minutes, yes just half an hour, and MOVE. Whether it's an exercise or your very own personal dance party. Shake yourself.
5. Go to sleep - You are only as good as the amount of rest you get. Close your eyes, put the phone on the charger (no late night scrolling), and go to sleep. Whatever it takes to wind down. Download an app with rain sounds, count sheep, say your prayers and get some shut eye. Our bodies need to reset and I know sometimes it isn't always easy to turn our brains off but you will feel so much better when you allow yourself time to rest.

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