Let's Talk About Self Love!

Let's Talk About Self Love!

Let's talk Self-Love!

FLUFF is all about building a relationship with yourself so that you can recognize the magic you possess simply in just being you!

It's easy to just tell someone to love themselves more without helping them find their way. Often times we do not truly see our own greatness because we focus so heavily on our flaws. It's amazing how people can pick out attributes about us that we would normally not even recognize in ourselves. Going into 2020, let's create good practices for building up our confidence, falling in love with ourselves FIRST, and encouraging those around us.

Here are some great ways to initiate this positive change for YOU.

Know yourself - know what you like and dislike. Take the time to recognize what inspires you and also what may seem to drain you. Be conscious of what throws you off balance and what makes you smile.
Make a list of things you like/love about yourself. Something as simple as the way your collarbones look in strapless tops, the way you can find the positive in almost any situation, or the way your butt looks in your favorite jeans.
Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is different. Everyone experiences things differently. Focus on you. It's easy to get distracted by social media but most people are not what they post.
Respect your NO - If you're not feeling a person, decision, or a situation express that and stand on your decision to remove it from your life. Say no and mean it.
Remind yourself often - write sticky notes and leave them on your mirror and by your bedside. Daily affirmations of encouragement. Compliment yourself. A quick "Hey Gorgeous" can definitely set the tone for the day.
Take time to unpack and unwind - Life gets hectic and can be overwhelming sometimes. Take a day to recover. Get some rest, write, get a mani/pedi, binge-watch your favorite series while sipping wine and snacking. Whatever helps you to slow down and enjoy spending time with you.

This is just for starters. I'm no expert and I'm working on this myself every single day. Confidence, self-esteem, self-admiration can take real work but trust me, you are worth it!

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