Be Encouraged

Life is happening. Sad things are happening. I know this can take a toll on your spirits. So many are hurting and trying to press through the thick of it. My message to you is to be encouraged. Remain prayerful and seek God in EVERYTHING. 

Sometimes we get caught up in the chaos and forget that there is still light on the other end of darkness. It's okay to hurt, your feelings are absolutely valid but please do not get defeated. Decide on what motivates you to keep going. Take time to understand the things that you are most thankful for and cherish them. Love on yourself and those most important to you just a little harder. Be kind to others because sometimes your blessing or breakthrough can come from encouraging someone else.

Keep going. Keep pressing. Keep pushing as best as you can. Most times, things tend to get worse before they get better but that's where you learn your true strength. Trust God's will and ask for comfort through the bad times and faith to persevere to the better encouraged.


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